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About cphilip:

Among many thing... he is a restorer/buyer/seller/rider and lover of old Vespa and Lambretta Scooters. His shop is located close to Clemson SC and he has an extensive collection of tools and always has a few project bikes going. Included here are a collection of pictures of bikes he has restored.

cphilip also rides Motorcycles and member of the Patriots Guard Riders .... and is active in Ford Diesel trucks and Biodiesel production. You can find him on "thedieselstop.com" and "XL Forums". He currently doesn't do as much of these as in the past but he now owns a Class A RV and does some fishing and camping  too.

cphilip also keeps Bee's, raises Chickens for his own consumption and operates Amateur Radios He is active on the "worldwideDX forum", "Backyardchickens Forum" and "Beesourceforum".

He is a former Moderator and Administrator for Airgun Design's online forum "Automags Online" and can sometimes be found there. Go there and you can still see cphilip when he had long hair under the "meet the moderators" section. It's a hoot!

Also he builts and shoots military type Rifles such as AK47's, AK74's and AR15's. A small group of us get together from time to time and shoot. You can find him hanging around various gun, AK and AR forums from time to time.

cphilip also helps out the Hoodohounds as a roadie and sometimes sound man. Old style chicago blues sung by aging overeducated white men. Yea... its true!

cphilip worked for 30 years (up until July of 2010) for Clemson University as the Environmental Compliance Officer dealing with Hazardous Wastes and EPA compliance issues. Clemson University is located in Clemson South Carolina. He now is retired and part time he does consulting work for various environmental clean up vendors and specializes in Elemental Mercury spill response and decontamination.

Enjoy the pictures of restorations and hobbies and contact me if you need any help on yours.

Email Contact: cphilip@cphilip.com

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