Above is Ethan at about 14 months eating a Oreo cookie.

And below is Ethan (Grandson) at about 1 year old. His first real memorable Christmas of 2009.

Caleb  as a Senior in Marching Band

Caleb, June and Me from left to right

Phil with long hair!

Above is Calebs first Deer hunt and he gets his first deer. He got lucky! Yes... we eat them. It is excellent meat.

Below is Caleb being inducted as Corp Commander in ROTC

Caleb receiving J.P. Strom Award, the highest academic honor of the Class at graduation from SC Law Enforcement Academy. Caleb was a Patrolman for Clemson University at this time

Caleb outside with wife Anna showing off the J.P. Strom award

Caleb's Patrol Car after he moved to take a Patrolman position at Liberty City Police Department where he currently serves.

Caleb, Anna and Ethan's new home come this March 2009

Caleb with newly born Son Ethan Carroll

Ethan at about four weeks

And at about five weeks...