SA-93 (above) AK-47 7.62 caliber

I am a Concealed Weapons permit holder and a staunch champion of the 2nd amendment.

The 2nd amendment was placed highly on the list to protect your first amendment. Make no mistake as to its intent. It was to make each common man responsible for keeping his government in check. To make Government subservient to its people. It was to prevent tyranny that our forefathers so hated. Our Bill of Rights and our constitution are unique in all of the world in that respect. Make sure it stays that way. It's what makes this country great and its what keeps it free. Remember that the constitution is a list of rules FROM THE PEOPLE to their government. Not the other way around. It is truly unique and worth preserving.

Law abiding citizens should have to fear no one and have the right to be armed and have the right  to the ability to meet force with force in the defense of their own when in the right.

G27 and G22 Glocks both are .40 caliber.

An AR15 I built that now belongs to Walt L.

A Bushmaster AR that I gave to my Son.

I have a Colt AR and will put a picture of it here soon as I find it... ;)

My 1969 Walther PP in 7.62/.32 German Ulm make and a European imported police pistol (now sold)

This is the Bulgarian Arsenal SA-93 Milled receiver AK47 using USA wood parts and USA FCG parts. Sporting a Norinco (preban) 75 round drum for this picture.

The above is a Romanian AK47 that was made compliant by use of USA reciever (1) pistol grip (1), FCG parts (3) USA Brake (1) and USA piston, making the total imported parts no more than 10. This is how 922R compliance is achieved through methods of parts application.

Various guns I have and use and some of the AK variants I have built. these are of course all legal and semi automatic only. All of them meet or exceed 922r compliance standards and all BATFE regulations and are lawfully owned and constructed.

The above is actually classified as a Pistol and so was built on a virgin receiver. Even though this pistol is exempt from 922R compliance it does comply anyway. This wood is USA made and is Black Walnut. The finish is a military Grey Green by Norrell.

This is another Romanian derived AK47 using USA wood, receiver and FCG. This one I built for my Son.

My Vector built Semi Automatic 9mm Uzi (full size carbine) with fake Suppressor (sold to my Insurance Agent).

And a 1944 "Quality Hardware and Machine Company" M1 Carbine

Check back for more!