A Vespa T5 from about 1985 that I redid in this Black and Chrome. Won "best custom" in the spring of 05 at the Fist City Rally in Madison Georgia. Fairly proud of that because its all builders and fellow scooterists that know what they are doing. This little bike is super fast.

Then next is the Sprint V that we found in TN and we redid for my Boss Robin. In a Pearl White finish. All these bikes were in fairly bad looking shape and mechanicaly poor before we started. I will put up a seperate page of some "before and durings" for your amusement.

Then the next one down is the Orange SS135 "Small Frame" which is a theme bike that I did this past spring of  06. It is a reproduction to some extent of a 60's erra SS90. It is based on a Primavera frame and Primavera 125cc motor from the 80's but done in the similar style of that periob bike. Very rare bikes the SS ones are. And this reproduction was fun and it captures some of the essence of that bike. Fun project and this bike is fast also. It currently iis owned by Tony in  the DC area.