Misc. Photos of projects in stages of completion and projects waiting to happen.... in no particular order.

Walt's Red P200 before....

Above is a 1961 Allstate Vespa  (actually a 58/59 body style) Split Headset "round tail" that I am about to start on. And with it is a period correct companion sidecar (we think made by Myers aircraft company).

Below are various parts that I had painted for two projects, Walt's Red P200 and my Black and Chrome T5 (which was a hideous purplish Blue when I got it)

Above it the inspiration coming together for the T5. Black and Chrome. This was shortly after painting.

Below is what that Silver P (my first vespa project) looked like before I started

Below is an intersting item that I had custom made for the SS135 project bike. It is a color matched rear tail lamp that Greg Clauss of Clauss Studios made for me. It is Orange instead of the traditional Red lens. He makes all sorts of stuff like this for old scooters, motorcycles and cars. Look him up if you need anything. Great work.

Above is what that SS135 looked like before I started in on it. It started life as a Primavera 125 imported from Italy.

Above is the SS Bike being painted. This is the only bike I have done in a single stage Enamel. It lended itself to the style of the bike. Thats an Alis Chalmers Orange.

Here is the shop completely crowded with bikes! I had to get some of these out so I had to put in a couple of storage sheds just for bikes to be placed in so I could work! 

On the bottom right is a 65 VBB that came from Vietnam. That Caramel colored one. It has issues typical of these monsters that come from Vietnam and Indonesia. The motor was completely unusable from "modifications" they did to get it running. It was represeted as a retored scooter. They tend to have a lot of problems. They look nice but stay completely away. In this case, but rarely is it the case, this one has a good unbodged body. I threw the motor into a box and bought a completely new motor for it. And its a project bike thats next in line to rebuild. STAY AWAY FROM CHEAP SHINNEY SCOOTERS FROM ASIA. They will almost always have serious flaws. They think nothing of welding together frames and forks and cobbling together motor parts. All of these will get you killed  as well as cause you hearache. They look good... but they are, many times, death traps. And hard to tell this is the case. Just stay away.

Below is Lisa's (now Blue) 1970 Super 150 just like we got it and before complete restoration.