Currently, between Robin and I, we have three hives. All done in this same style of English garden hive. We have had a good year this Summer of 06. We have gotten over 75 pounds of honey off one hive. Considering it was a drought year we have all we can stand.

Above is the "liquid Gold". Just part of a harvest in July.

Here I am holding a frame of bees and honey from before a harvest (not ready yet in this picture)

Above is Hive number two. Sits in my back yard. This pitched roof garden style is what we operate. This is a young hive that you can see I am feeding and building up for next year.

Here are some Chicken pictures. I raise these Rhode Island Reds for their eggs. I currently have just the 6 hens and keep a Rooster to be able to produce some Fertile Eggs for replacement. He is rather mean so mostly he gets kept in his own pen until needed. These are some really nice stock. They consistently produce even when in molt. However their molt period is correspondingly long as a result of that. But they give me far more Eggs than I need just for my own home. I provide them to the in Laws and the kids and even have a few more dozen to give away. I probably average about 3 dozen a week and even a few over that many weeks. Nice large Brown Eggs.