Specifications of the Ham shack

RADIO Equipment

Ranger RCI 2980WX 10 Meter export radio AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW Upgraded finals, tuned and Peaked not clipped (Premiere-electronics)
PRO-2052 Dual Trunking Scanner (Radio Shack)
Solarcon Antron A-99 Antenna  (Elkin Electronics)
LAE-250 Lightning Arrestor (Spi-Ro Manufacturing)
Paradynamics PDC5 PWR/SWR/Antenna Tuner (Performance CB)
MFJ-1702C 2 into 1 Coax Switch (Spi-Ro Manufacturing)
Pyramid PS21KX 20AMP 12V regulated power supply w/ fan (FotoConnection.com)
50 Ohm 100W Dummy load (Ridge Electronics Equip.)
100 ft of Coax and misc short drops with PL-259 connectors and a couple adapters (Premiere-electronics and Spi-ro and two short drops and a few items from Radio shack including a 20 foot cable and two - 3 foot cables approx)
Astatic TUG8 D104 Microphone (eBay)

Misc. Hardware

50 feet of 6 gauge copper ground and misc. clamps and fittings.
8’ X 5/8 diameter galvanized ground rod.
5/16 X 3” bolts and nuts and washers
Strap ties
Wire clamps
Power strip w/ surge suppressor

Cobra 25 LTD WX. Has been tuned at 5 to 20 with 100% audio (No Clip) brand new Valor power microphone/ bracket and knobs / fused power cord and microphone clip purchased from WWDX forum member "switch kit"

Cobra 29 WX NW ST w stock microphone and stock tuning and 5ft Firestik II – (X Mas present from the wife)

Some radio pictures....

The Antron A99 up on the roof in a Tripod mount. Not a bad 18 foot little antenna. Its probably up in the range of 30-35 feet above the ground here....